Adult Child

Unhealed Trauma & Dysfunctional Family Dynamics at Work w/ Barb Nangle

October 12, 2022 Season 1 Episode 81
Adult Child
Unhealed Trauma & Dysfunctional Family Dynamics at Work w/ Barb Nangle
Show Notes

Today we are joined by Barb Nangle, a boundaries coach, podcast host and motivational speaker who  empower peoples to live their lives on purpose by helping them develop healthy boundaries in their personal and professional lives.

After 19 years at Yale University as a Program Coordinator for Urban Ed programs, Barb was laid off and found my way into the world of entrepreneurship, startups and innovation in New Haven. That led her to start her own business in 2018, Higher Power Coaching and Consulting, LLC.

In the spring of 2019, she started my podcast "Fragmented to Whole: Life Lessons from 12-Step Recovery." It was born out of a desire to share all the many tips, tools and tricks she learned in 12-step recovery.
Fragmented To Whole Ep 159: Boundaries in the Bedroom

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