Adult Child

Dr. Nzinga Harrison on Overcoming ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

November 16, 2022 Season 1 Episode 86
Adult Child
Dr. Nzinga Harrison on Overcoming ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)
Show Notes

Dr. Nzinga Harrison is the Co-Founder and CMO of Eleanor Health with more than 15 years experience practicing medicine. As the daughter of a public school teacher/administrator and an electrical engineer, who was also the commander of the local Black Panther Party, Nzinga shares intimately about the childhood experiences that led her to pursue a career in psychiatry and addiction treatment. She also shares where she feels the medical community is falling short in treating addiction treatment and what Eleanor Health is doing differently to actually deliver results.

Nzinga Harrison is a double-board certified physician with specialties in general adult psychiatry and addiction medicine. She completed undergraduate training at Howard University in Washington DC; medical school at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and residency training at Emory University in Atlanta. Dr. Harrison has spent her career as a physician treating individuals from marginalized communities with substance use and other psychiatric disorders. As a physician executive, she has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer roles committed to creating and improving systems-based delivery of psychiatric and substance abuse care. She is a vocal advocate for stigma reduction, and is passionate about the necessity for whole-person care as individuals and communities seek to recover from and prevent substance use disorders.
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